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Hello my name is Robert England; I have been taking pictures for more than 25 plus years. I have always been intrigued by art and all the things that make up art.

What is art? Well the best part about art is that it is based on the individual. Art can be anything to anyone and what appeals to one may not appeal to another, but there is something for everyone.

Photography is just one facet of art that I have been involved in and have grown to love. It is a passion of mine that has developed and that has eveolved over the years of being a photographer. I have been involved in the other facets of arts such as painting in both oils and acrylics, sketching with charcoals, pastels and plan old pencils; I have even done some air brushing over the years but have always been drawn to photography. It’s the one constant in my world of "Art".

Looking towards the artistic view is what I strive to capture with every image I take. Whether it’s a wedding, high school seniors, baby showers, or any event for that matter, my goal is simple, it’s to bring out the art and beauty in all that I photograph. I hope you enjoy my site, if you are in need of a special or unique picture, send me your request and I will do my best to get you that shot and if you are in need of a photographer for Weddings, Engagements, High School Seniors, Graduation, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Vacation, Parties, Fine Art or any other need, I would be honored if you would consider me and allow me to turn your event or request into a “Work of Art”.

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